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I'm having trouble on this solution as well.  I'm pretty sure I've completed all of the steps but am getting the
"Could not find a properly routed case. Ensure that you've setup Omni-Channel correctly by following the requirements."
error as well.  The issue I seem to be having is that after changing ownership of the case to the queue "High Priority", I am not getting a notification in the Omni-Channel widget box to accept.  It just says "You have no active requests".  Does anyone have any suggestions? 
I am trying to complete this challenge.As per my understanding please verify these steps below.

Reports-New Report-Account_create
User-added image

Matrix Format-Rating Column

User-added image

i am not able to find Hobby Type in the fields panel.
I am getting an error in challenger 2 and i am pretty sure all my headers are correct. The error is not really telling me much, can anyone help? thanks 

User-added image
I am getting the following error:

The 'Sales Manager' dashboard does not have the correct headers and titles for the chart components.

Here is the screenshot of my dashboard