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Hi I am new to Saleforce after many years. 

I am trying to create a rule that if Stage in Opportunity is Partner then a partner name field pops up to type in.  

Any advice on how to do this? I am back in the SF game and very rusty. 



Not sure if anyone else on this thread is using MuleSoft ESB for either real-time or batch/bulk integrations.


But curious to talk to others who might be!



I am supposed to integrate salesforce with Oracle and i have no idea how this can be done, but reading through blogs i was able to figure out certain things, This is what i have thought about and i am doing presently. i am pushing in data from salesforce to SQL tables using a middleware called Apatar, this is wworking fine but later on i dont know how to get the data in Oracle application does any one know this who can help me out? or writing API's is only the method can any one help me out.  Any freelancer or on paid basis:


This is what is supposed to go into Oracle when the order is closed:

The following data should be pushed in from Salesforce to Oracle:


When the user changes an opportunity to “Order Won” the following details should be pushed in a sequential manner from Salesforce to Oracle:

1)      The Oracle system should check if the particular customer is present in Oracle or else create a new customer.

2)      The Oracle system should check if the particular contact is present in Oracle or else create a new one.

3)      The Quote/Opportunity details from salesforce (Information required in Oracle to process the Sales Order). Example: Branch, SalesOrder Number, Segment, Customer Profile, P.O Number Etc.

4)      The related line items (Products) with their respective basic price and tax structure.

5)      Post sending if there are any changes in the related Quote/Line Item then the same should be appended in Oracle system


Oracle To Salesforce:

Once the order is processed then the invoice number and date should be pushed from Oracle to salesforce.


Appreciate your help.