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Would there be anyway to update the field on Activity with the field on Campaign? Specific events look up to campaigns and I would like to pull in the industry field from Campaigns to the associated Event. 

Field on Campaign:
Industry (Industry__c)

Field on Activity:
Campaign Industry (Campaign_Industry__c)

Hi i am having a custom button,which when clicked generates the PDF and saves it in attachment.
Now i am trying to make it as email too.
so when the custom button is clicked,generate pdf ,save the pdf to attachment and email it to particular user email.

How can i do it?Can i do it on single button?Or do i need two buttons. 1 .generate and save
2.email pdf?
I am confused and struck here .I am able to generate it and save as attachment.
But i want all three steps(generate,save and email) in single button.Please help.
Thanks in advance.