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Hello all, I have been exploring option to control the visibility of cases in omni queue so user can only handle certain number of cases at any given point of time like 

If there are 100 cases in the queue and only one agent A goes online, cases 1-10 (1 being the oldest) should be presented to Agent A.

emaining cases should stay in the queue

If Agent B goes online while Agent A still has cases in this Omni channel, Agent B should receive cases 11-21

Once Agent A has dealt with (accepted or rejected) all cases in this Omni channel, cases 22-32 should be presented to Agent A

No further cases should be presented to Agent A until he has dealt with all the cases in his Omni channel

I have been exploring this using Omni channel flow but have been able to figure out total number of items in real time ? Any suggestion?
Hi, I want to setup an email relay and therefore the requirement is to use SMTP Auth but salesforce only provides Salesforce only supports the PLAIN SASL mechanism for SMTP authentication which requires username and password. Is there any way so i can get this authentication done using Oauth2.0? Can there be a possibility that a mediatore system gets this identiy checked and authenticate with SMTP with oauth2.0?
Have a requirement to mass upload photo for the users like chatter photo. Is there a way to do it ?

Thanks in Advance!
SFDC Developer.