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I'm trying to contact the salesforce api from my rails app. I use omniauth-salesforce gem for oauth.

As mentioned in the REST API documentation, I have setup a remote access provider in "Setup". This asks me for a static callback URL. But the issue with my system, each user of my app gets a different domain. So, I cannot set a constant callback url like "user1.demoapp.com". I will have basically 100 domains for 100 users. So, is it possible to override this callback URL from my rails app? Please let me know.




 I am trying to clone an opportunity with quote and its line items only if the quote is synced. But after the opportunity is created and if i go the new quote of the cloned opportunity it doesn't allows me to start the sync. It still holds the reference of the old opportunity and errors out. Has someone faced this type of situation and know the fix?