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Hi, I am having troubles with following instrtuctions on 'Create a Macro and Quick Text' module. After creating a mactros and "Edit Instructions" it is not possible to select any area in the convas other than 'case details'.

I am using a fresh trailhead playground and assuming that I did miss some pre-requisite to enable all the areas.

Please advice



I bumped into a Salesforce limitation where a formula field (of any type) can't be used. The cases are: 

- Formula fields are not available in the Journey Builder of marketing cloud 
- Formulas are not available as criteria for sharing rules 

I am looking for a better solution that will populate the real field (of any type) with a value of formula field.
My current solution is a schedulable batchable APEX. With our database size, it takes 4-6 hours to run the job.

Is anyone has a better solution for the same?


I have a flow that lookup an existing record that matches criteria of a record that started the flow and updates it. The flow works well until multiple records that matching each other entering the flow, so they are trying to update each other, thus the flow fails.

Is it possible to exclude the records on the lookup step that entered the flow?

User-added image

I am dtuding module "Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience" and there is broken link in the video to the sample of lightening dashboards;
The link is  https://sfdc.co/sampledashboards
Is there another place where I can download samples of reports and dashboards?

I'm trying to work through the Community Roll-out Strategy Trailhead, but the Customer Community User Profile isn't showing up in my list of Profiles when I create a new user.  The Company Information says I have 5 available licenses, but the Profiles don't show up when I create a new user.  Do I need to create a Custom Profile for them to show up?
I am dtuding module "Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience" and there is broken link in the video to the sample of lightening dashboards;
The link is  https://sfdc.co/sampledashboards
Is there another place where I can download samples of reports and dashboards?

Hello team, 

I am developing a merging app but I cannot find to way to merge what I need. A have a multiple selection for all the accounts I want to merge and the Master Account. 
Here is the code: 
public class MyAccountListCntrlr {
    public List<AccountWrapperCls> acctList {get;set;}
    public Set<String> selAccountNames {get;set;}
    public Boolean hasSelAcct {get;set;}
    public static List<Account> accts;
    //	MESSAGE
    public static  Boolean showMessage {get;set;}
	public static String message {get;set;}
    public static List<Account> acct;//Account 1
    public static List<Account> acct2;//Account 2
    public static String sAccount{set;get;}//Selection of the Master Account
    //See the method getItems
     public MyAccountListCntrlr(){
          acctList = new List<AccountWrapperCls>();
          selAccountNames = new Set<String>();
         showMessage = false;
          for(Account a : [SELECT AccountNumber, CreatedDate, name, id, phone, fax, website, type, industry, description, NumberOfEmployees, BillingCity, AnnualRevenue from account
          ORDER BY Account.Name]){
               acctList.add(new AccountWrapperCls(a));
    public List<SelectOption> getItems() 
        List<Account> lstAcc = [select id, name from account ORDER BY Account.Name];
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
        for(Account acc : lstAcc)
            options.add( new SelectOption( acc.id, acc.Name));
        return options;
   public Account masterAcc = new account(name = sAccount);
     // METHODS
     public void displaySelectedAccountNumbers(){
          //masterAcc = [Select name from Account where name = :sAccount];
          hasSelAcct = false;
          for(AccountWrapperCls cWrapper : acctList){
                    hasSelAcct = true;
                   	//showMessage = true;
                   	//message = 'The following error has ocurred: \n' + cWrapper.cAccount.id;
               if(selAccountNames.size() > 1)
                    for(Integer i = 1; i < selAccountNames.size(); i++)
                        showMessage = true;
                        message = 'The selected accounts are: \n' + selAccountNames;
                        acct = [Select id, name, phone FROM Account where id = :selAccountNames];
                        //acct2 = [Select id, name, phone FROM Account where id = :selAccountNames ORDER BY Account.CreatedDate];
                        message = 'The selected query is: \n' + acct;
                        if(selAccountNames.size() > 1)
                                //acct.get(i).description = '\nAccount Name: ' + acct.get(0).Name;
                                Database.MergeResult[] results = Database.merge(masterAcc, acct, false);
                                //merge acct.get(0) acct2.get(i); 
                                //merge acct2.get(i) master.get(1);
                                //If the first Account was created first than 2nd one then do not merge
                                /*if(acct.get(0).CreatedDate < acct.get(i).CreatedDate)
                                    acct.get(0).description = '\nAccount Name: ' + acct.get(i).Name;
                                    merge acct.get(i) acct2.get(0);     
                                    acct.get(i).description = '\nAccount Name: ' + acct.get(0).Name;
                                    merge acct.get(0) acct2.get(i); 
                            catch(Exception e)
                                showMessage = true;
                                message = 'The following error has founded: ' + e;
                    showMessage = true;
                    message = 'Congratulations, you have merge successfully your accounts, please refresh the site to see changes. ';
    public PageReference PreviousPag()
        return Page.LCA;

Can somebody help me out with this issue?
Thanks in advace. 
I have this very simple class..  
trigger RestrictContactByName on Contact (before insert, before update) {
    //check contacts prior to insert or update for invalid data
    For (Contact c : Trigger.New) {
        if(c.LastName == 'INVALIDNAME') {   //invalidname is invalid
            c.AddError('The Last Name "'+c.LastName+'" is not allowed for DML');
.. and the corresponding Test Class:  
private class TestRestrictContactByName {

	@isTest static void metodoTest() {
		List listaContatti = new List();
		Contact c1 = new Contact(FirstName='Francesco', LastName='Riggio');
		Contact c2 = new Contact(LastName = 'INVALIDNAME');
		//insert listaContatti;
		// Perform test
        Database.SaveResult [] result = Database.insert(listaContatti, false);
		c1.LastName = 'INVALIDNAME';
		update c1;

When I run the Test class from the Developer Console I get 100% of coverage on the RestrictContactByName class but, when I check the challenge on the trailhead it returns the error:

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The 'RestrictContactByName' class did not achieve 100% code coverage via your test methods

Has someone had my same issue?