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Thanks everyone, guys i do have some workflow in place, when i am doing mass transfer of ownership from the Recyleopps which is the list of not used account for last 30 days to users. At that time some of the workflows which have to run whenever the ownerr got change it have to run and change the field update but its not getting update and its not changing the status as well and accordingly to workflow it should have to change. Btw it was working when you do it manually but not working in Mass Transfer.
Here is my question please help me :

 <!-- <apex:commandButton action="{!onSend}" disabled="{!sendDeActive}" value="Send Text Message" /> -->
  <apex:commandButton rendered="{!(SMScount >= 2)}" disabled="{!sendDeActive}"  action="{onSend}" value="Send Text Message"  />
                  <apex:commandButton rendered="{(SMScount >= 3) || (!optOut) ||(desplayError = True ) }" action="{onClear}" value="Clear"  />

I have 2 buttons as you see above:
Send Text Message

Clear and Send Text message should not be shown if the SMSCount=>3, (SmsCount is a label field which is running and incrementing +1 everytime when you send message).

I tried to write a code please help me in that peice of code that it will not show us the these two buttons if the Smscount>=3, or whenever its going to be after the 3 it will not show the these buttons, please help  me i am very new in it
Please help me asap,

I am having a problem to show up the pop up window, it has the time reminder in it, but i can`t able to show up, when i do it manually it will come up but when i am doing with the code below it was not showing the pop window.

newTask.Subject = 'Text Message recived from ' + inPhone;
            newTask.ActivityDate = Date.today();
               newTask.IsReminderSet = true;
            newTask.ReminderDateTime = System.Now(). addMinutes(15);
            newTask.Status = 'Not Started';
            newTask.Description = params.get('Body');
            newTask.Type = 'SMS';
            newTask.OwnerId = ownerId;
            insert newTask;
Hello Guys,

Thanks in Advance, i am new in Salesforce Development, can you guys please help me in creating a Visual force page.

Actually, i need to create a page after the user created their case.

It`s pretty simple but i don`t know the flow to make a page.

Once the user create their case then the it will come up with the "Thank You" page and say thanks for creating a case our team will be contact with you soon.

That`s it, just need to show a page with some Thank You quote on it.

Let me know the flow and how can i create a simple VF page.

Thanks Guys