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I'm very new to apex coding. I was informed that the proper way of creating trigger is to create a trigger then call apex class methods. Is that right?

I tried it on my end with a very simple trigger but I can't make it work.
Basically, what I want is that when I create Account, it will automatically create a Contact under the Account with Account is equal to Account id and contact last name is equal to account last name.

Attached is my trigger and class.

apex trigger 

User-added image

Thank you
I have a situation where i will get the user locale date in APEX using 

DateTime dateTimeToFormat = DateTime.valueOf( value );
Date dateToFormat = dateTimeToFormat.date();
String formattedDatewithUSER_LOCALE = dateToFormat.format();

For example, if the localecode is en_US and timezoneid is America/Los_Angeles, then the date i would get is 9/1/2016. 

In my java code, i would get all this info along with date, locale, time zone. Along with this, i would get a date like 2016-09-01 18:42:37 as input and the requirement is to format the input date to the user date based on the locale, timezone. 

Any sugesstions..?

  • September 02, 2016
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I have requirement Of full calender display implementation.when we click on day it will show popup's in popup we can fill imformation(events) save(client shedules).that will show to co-caller,if co-caller is post poned,because of  that day already sheduled meetings.that post poned date will show to sheduler.the total data reflected in database.And that show the events of day,week,month in bottom.after that it will show the geolocation of near by clients to us...
Already i used fullcalender plug-ins but that is not working properly.so,
This total code, how i can implement plz anybody help this urgent requirement.

Thanks in Advance.