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 So we installed Box app, and enabled all permissions, signed in with service account and personal accounts but still unable to see anything on the box files tab as well as box component panel on standard and custom objects .

Does the installation apply to the new salesforce lightning version?  Or are there specific admin settings that need to be changed as well for it to show up?

FYI:  box files tab is completely empty without any box  references as well as component boxes in standard and custom objects.  It looks as though it is not even connecting to Box.com 

 All help would be greatly appreciate it !
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  • September 16, 2015
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I have an interesting ask from the business, where they want to know all the accounts of a specific type that do not have any children.


Based on that, I thought a left anti join would work:

SELECT Name,Id FROM Account

        (SELECT ParentId FROM Account)


But I get an error message:

        (SELECT ParentId FROM Account)
ERROR at Row:3:Column:31
The inner and outer selects should not be on the same object type



Is there a way to run this is a soql query?