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I am using a dynamic query with limit 10,000, but I have records more than 10,000 so I am unable to access more than 10,000 records bcoz I need to some perform DML on that records and it is also showing the View state error . So I need to know that how can I access more than 10,000 records and would be able to perform DML operation on it and can solve the view state size error.
I have some custom objects in which i did some url hacking but When i Created a package of those objects and then istall the package in other org then that url hacking on that custom objects is not working .. bcz it  bind the field's id which only shows when i do inspect element .. so it get changed when it went to other org ...
Please give me some solution ... 
Thanks in Adavnce!
Hi All

The 'Define Forecast Rollups and Default Date Ranges' unit is giving me the following error when I have done exactly what is asked in the challenge, hence an apparent error in the Trailhead checking process:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Couldn’t find default forecast display period 'Monthly', starting on '1 month ago', display '4 months'. Please double check the instructions.

Is there some apparently irrelevant setting I need that is not specified? It's not as if this is a complex unit!


Hi All,

I need to create a many to many relationship between Tasks and Accounts. The goal here is to relate many Accounts to a single Task  ex: "Task1 can be associated with Account1 [Uisng Related To field of Task]  and need to associate with Account2, Account3 and Account4." I understand that we cannot create more than one custom field related to Account for Task.

Is it possible to create junction object [Task ----> JunctionObject <--- Account].
Please let me know if there is any workaround.