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Hi  Need your help to understand salesforce global search. How salesforce global search works for keyword J GULE. We searched for J Gule. We are expecting JERRY COLBY GULE to return in that search. If we see the search results, JOE ADELAIDE GULE is returning. These two values share the exact same pattern and therefore, both should come back. It’s the inconsistency in results.

I have a soql query where i am using LIKE operator.
String sql = 'Select Name From Account WHERE Name LIKE \'%' + searchKeyword + '%\'';
Here 'searchKeyword' variable holds values like 'Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4'.
When i search a Name in my VF page which is a Textbox, like this 'Test 1, Test 4' its not returning the searchKeyword values. Because LIKE operator searches values only in Orderwise. It cant search middle values.

Is there any possible solution where it searches all values that are contained in the textbox?

I have a requirement to query the Change Management (CR) system hosted on my company Intranet from Salesforce.com. The CR system provides a Web Service which expects the client (SFDC) to provide the following in the SOAP Request along with the actual query:
1. Authentication information.
2. A certificate (.cer) provided by the CR system.

I reviewed the 2-say SSL documenation at https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Making_Authenticated_Web_Service_Callouts_Using_Two-Way_SSL but was not sure how or if it is relevant to my requirement. I am not sure if the "Certificate and Key Management" feature in the Setup menu needs to be used to import the .cer file provided by the CR system.

Any pointers?