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Is there any other difference between master detail and lookup relationships outside of ownership behavior, security implications, and referential integrity between the objects?


Hi All,



I need to write a trigger to update the Task Status to 'Completed' . when the Lead is converted to Opportunity.

Please help me to sort out this issue






  • December 04, 2012
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I've a baisc question on Integration and web services part.


1) We are integrating oracle with salesforce through web services. what i would like to know is,

      - If i provide the enterprise WSDL to oracle, can it login to salesforce (yes, i know this part) and create an account, contact and a case? ( should some one write the logic in oracle side to do this?)

      - Do i need to write a web service in Salesforce to create an account, contact and case, then send a response back to oracle? I thought i should write a web serivce, but some salesforce consulting expert told me that these actions are possible if i give the oracle team just the standard enterprise WSDL rather me writing a web service to do these actions.


Please confirm.





  • April 18, 2012
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Hello. I want to know how can i create a Map<String, CustomObject> where the key will not be the Id of the custom field but the Name field and without using a list and going through each record and puting in the map a pair.

If I use Map<String, CustomObject__c> myMap = new Map<String, CustomObject__c>([Select z.Name, z.Id From CustomObject__c z]); i have a map where the key is my CustomObject.Id and I want it to be CustomObject.Name.