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On our Opportunity page users have a field to choose an Engineer. These engineers are stored on a custom object.

I would like to display a VF component on the sidebar of the Opp page showing the past Engineer records used on Opps across the parent Account. There typically wouldn't be more than 2-4 over the history of the account. It would also be acceptable for this to display on the Account page.

I have some experience with VF, but don't know where to start with this project going across objects.

Hi ,
I have the below code snippet on Lead trigger.
I want to add an extra condition if the Lead Owner is Not equal to the queue "Partner Marketing" , How to do that ? i tried as  below but shows errors,

!newLead.OwnerID.equals ('Partner Marketing') Or tried as well
newLead.OwnerID != 00yhggddy4th2we
if (!oldLead.status.equals(newLead.status) || 
                (newLead.Company_Type__c != null && 
                 !newLead.Company_Type__c.equals(oldLead.Company_Type__c) && 
                 (newLead.Company_Type__c.startsWith('Partner')) )
               ) {
          // Add to list to update
            leadsToUpdate.add(new Lead(id = newLead.id));                    

for(vlocity_cmt__OrchestrationItem__c items:Trigger.New)
            if(items.Name=='Generate Bill Manual Task')

Hi All,

I would want field name of an object to be inserted as a value to a field in another object. Thanks in advance