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Hi all,

I have a problem making a SOAP callout towards an external system. The webservice calls use the HMAC security encryption that requires an encrypted header  to authenticate - they gave me a UserId and a Pwd to encrypt such header.

I have imported the WSDL provided into SF through the "WSDL2Apex" class, but as long as I know it is not so flexible when it comes to header manipulation.

I'm stuck at this point - anybody can give me a little advice?

Thank you in advance,
I had my actual Gmail on Webassessor.com. I am doing Trailhead using Myname@companyname.com(not Actual email just a login name). But I verified Myname@companyname.com account using actual Gmail id(Which  I use on Webassessor).  So, I have question

1. Whatever I will complete on  Myname@companyname.com trailhead then It must show on my webassessor account then What I have to do.
2. Before using Myname@companyname account, I had done many badges using an old Email address which is not exist so can I merge that account on here.
On refreshing a tab on the console navigation on lex, my lightning component is not refreshed.
I have tried to bind the reinitialization with
<aura:handler event="force:refreshView" action="{!c.jsLoaded}" />
but it doesnt seem to be triggered.
What is the correct way to also refresh my lightning component on refreshing the tab ?