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I have created a visual flow which uses a loop to count the number of address objects which are related to a specified contact so that an automatic task will be generated if a contact is found to have more than one address.  My fast lookup returns the correct addresses, and I have an assignment element which, on each iteration of the loop, should add 1 to a number variable within my flow (the variable having stared with a default value of 0).  My fast lookup returns two records, so my loop should increase the value of my number variable by 2, but it doesn’t.  My variable only increases by 1, as if my loop is only counting the first record in the collection instead of every record in the collection.

flow steps

loop element

assignment element

loop results

Hi ,

I have badly stuck with the problem , I am getting User Image Url "https://c.cs12.content.force.com/profilephoto/005/T" but if image in not added to User Image a blank photo show but if I added photo the User Image and rendering the VF page on force.com site , The Image not showing its showing just like a burst images !