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I subscribe in Trailhead in order to get knowledge about Salesforce. I'm currently running a Trailhead module about Marketing cloud (connector between CRM org and Marketing Cloud) and I'm using my Trailhead Playground CRM org. But when trying to login Marketing Cloud to finish my Trailhead module, Marketing Cloud login tells me that my login/password are incorrect...?
Thanks for help
I cannot figure out why I am getting this error, though I do know that the source is the highlighted generate  clause.  The query works fine without it, but throws the error with it.   (SAQL text below) 
User-added image

Open = load "opportunity";
Open = filter Open by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Open = filter Open by 'IsClosed' == "false";
Open = foreach Open generate sum('Amount') as 'sum_Amount','CreatedDate_Year' as 'CreatedDate_Year','CreatedDate_Year'+"-"+'CreatedDate_Week'as 'Year_Week';
Won = load "opportunity";
Won = filter Won by date('CreatedDate_Year', 'CreatedDate_Month', 'CreatedDate_Day') in ["3 years ago".."1 year ahead"];
Won = filter Won by 'IsWon' == "true";
Won = group Won by ('CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week') ;
Won = foreach Won generate 'CloseDate_Year' as 'CloseDate_Year','CloseDate_Week' as 'CloseDate_Week','CloseDate_Year'+"-"+'CloseDate_Week' as 'Year_Week', sum('Amount') as 'sum_Close';
Won = limit Won 2000;
weekgroup = cogroup Open by 'Year_Week' left, Won by 'Year_Week';
Results = foreach weekgroup generate 'Year_Week' as 'Calendar Week', coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) as 'sum_Amount_Closed', coalesce(coalesce(sum(Won['sum_Close']), 0) / sum(Open['sum_Amount']), 0) as 'Percent_Conversion',sum(Open['sum_Amount']) as 'Total Open';