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I have setup cases for internal use.  Have my page layout, record type and custom fields laid out.  No issues, except for case comments.

Right now cases are assigned to me by the sales and marketing teams.  I want to be able to comment on the case and have that comment email to the user that created the case or submitted the case to me.

I get this error - Error: No contact associated with this case.

Of course there is no contact associated with the case!  The case is not attached to a contact?

Am I missing something here?  Should i make a dummy corporate account with myself as the contact?
Looking to append the last campaign someone attended to a field on a lead or contact.  Sales team wants to be able to view what the last interaction was via their lead reports
Is it ok to use Salesforce case management to support your own internal users. I notice that the contacts field must stay on the page even though it is not required but it seems to be driven from an external customer/contact perspective!

Has anyone set it up for there own user support and do you have any best practices and hard road experience that you would not mind sharing?