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There is a timezone issue with the challenge for "Using Date and Date/Time Formulas" in the advanced forumlas module.   I used the following formula to finally get past the challange.  This formula is clearly wrong as the "+1" should not be needed.

CASE(MOD((Today()+1)- DATE(1900,1,7), 7), 0, 'Sunday', 1, 'Monday',2,'Tuesday',3,'Wednesday',4,'Thursday',5,'Friday',6,'Saturday','error')

Hi Everyone,

                              I am new to apex so this should be a simple question. I have a custom object with string fields. No duplicate should occur in any of these fields(before insert and before update).

                              I just want to add the duplictes to a list and in the end allow insert only if the list is NULL.

  • September 24, 2013
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On some VF pages I build, the collapsible functionality of a pageBlockSection doesn't work.  Looking in to it, I find that the js code with the twisty functions (stuff like twistsection() and the like) is not inserted on these failing pages.


It generally happens on my more complex VF pages, with nested pageblock elements.  Is this a known bug, and are there things I can do to avoid it?