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Hi all,
  I want to two objects(Account,Contact) fields in vf page by using wrapper class 
Please provide me a simple code for it.

Tanking you,
Nagarjuna Reddy Nandireddy

I have a object like below, its a custom object
User-added image
I dont see any rollup on this object.
I am not able to convert masterdetail to lookup,
Can anyone let me know what can be reason ?

thanks for suggestion!

Is there any sample code to implement the items to Approve functionality in the Home Page Layout using Vf Page.

Can anyone help ?



I have approval process created in salesforce.But according to the requirement user need to enter Approval/Rejection reason before he approves or rejects the record.Hence I have created custom button for Submit for approval,Approve and Reject button with VF page.


I know how to create approval request record through apex programming.I want to update the the approval request record created,  once the user clicks on  custom Approve button on  VF page.Can anyone please tell me is it possible to update the approval request record through programming.




Srilakshmi B