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Hi All,


I have a requirement where I need to have an 3-step approval process and each of the user should be able to enter some comments/notes to the custom object field before they go on with the approval.


I am a newbie to creating an approval processes using Apex code.


Any guidance on this will be highly appreciated.




  • November 07, 2013
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I am Nagesh. I am new dev for Force.com.

I want to find, How can we read files using apex language on force.com platform.


Is there any way to read property files???


I have tried following ways to read file but i havn't get success.

1) create simple file 'Temp.properties' in staticResource in force IDE. and try to populate it from StaticResource Table.

2) Using file app upload a file and try to populate it from Document Table.

In both case, No rows generated.


Please help me to solve this problem.

Send mail on::



Thanks in advanced




I have approval process created in salesforce.But according to the requirement user need to enter Approval/Rejection reason before he approves or rejects the record.Hence I have created custom button for Submit for approval,Approve and Reject button with VF page.


I know how to create approval request record through apex programming.I want to update the the approval request record created,  once the user clicks on  custom Approve button on  VF page.Can anyone please tell me is it possible to update the approval request record through programming.




Srilakshmi B





I am creating a visualforce page, and want to set the tabStyle attribute based on Record Type.  However, when open the visualforce page with the following (where MyTabStyle is a string like 'contact', 'account', etc).





<apex:page standardController="Opportunity" extensions="myOppExtension" tabStyle="{!MyTabStyle}">



I get an error "Error: Invalid tabStyle '{!MyTabStyle}' specified. If you are trying to reference a custom Visualforce tab, you must append '__tab'".


Is setting the tabStyle this way supported?


Thank you


I am trying to understand standard controllers vs. custom--and how they can be used with Custom Objects?


Most of the code samples I have found all use the standard Account or Contact as the example like...


<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="true"  tabStyle="Account" > 


I have several Custom Objects that I have created---and have trying to create a simple Tabbed view of the object detail and related lists instead of the typical list view--using VF.


I am just starting on VF...


>Do standard controllers get 'auto-created' for each custom object?--assume so and thats how the display using standard SF look?


> When I try starting my VF page to be used on my Custom Object with...



<apex:page standardController="ThenameIusedtocreatetheobject_c" showHeader="true"  tabStyle="ThenameIusedtocreatetheobject_c"" > 



I get errors - ThenameIusedtocreatetheobject_c Does not Exist, etc.



What am I missing about standard controllers on custom objects?  Do all custom objects require a custom controller to be coded?


Thanks for the assistance...



What can be the possible reason of recordsetvar not working. In my one developer edition recordsetvar is working and in second developer org  RECORDSETVAR  is not working .
So if anyone know the reason then tell me please.

I know that objects in salesforce have a 3 digit id, for instance accounts id is 001 so if you type /001 after salesforce.com/ in the url it will pull up a list of the accounts.  I can think of a number of times where having this id could be handy.  Is there a list someone of the default id's?  Also I know that custom objects have an id like this, but the only way I have found to get that ID is to create a tab for the object, open the tab and get the id from the URL.  I was hoping there is a better way to get those ID's.  Thanks.