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I used the instructions in this link to develop a lightning custom search component to be used in community.
Developing Custom Search Component (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.communities_dev.meta/communities_dev/communities_dev_example_search.htm)

It works fine. But, my client wants to increase the size of the font and the search icon. I was not able to find a way to specify height for ui:inputText and also I was not able to change the search icon. Has anyone implemented this before?
I want the parent node label to be slightly bigger than the child node labels. It looks like both of them are using the same slds classes. Is there a way to use a slightly larger font for parent node than the child nodes?
Is there a way expand/collapse nodes of lightning tree from javascript?
Is there a way to wrap text in lightning tree?
Is there a way expand/collapse nodes of lightning tree from javascript?
Is there a way to wrap text in lightning tree?
I'm using the lightning tree component and I'm trying to dynamically select an item after Init through an event and want all parent nodes expanded. I have a separte lighting component that the user selects and item and then an event is passed to my component with the Tree containing the Tree Node Name I want to select. This is all working fine but I can't get the lighting:tree component to work.

The expanded issue:
My java script code works to the point of setting all the expanded=true flags for all parent items of the item I want selected but it never renders the children. I can see the expanded icon changed but none of the children are rendered. If I expand everything in the Init handler it displays the tree correctly but on the event java script to change the selected item it just changes the expanded icon and all text is the same.

The Selection Issue: I'm not sure how to select an Item in the tree or what java script I need to make this happen. Any help would be appreciated.

The Topic Catalog Component proves that it is possible to create a component that lists out just the nav topics. How do we replicate this?
  • April 03, 2018
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I have an object layout displayed as a tab inside Sales Console. I have some Javascript attached to the onClick event of a button on the layout. In the Javascript I would like to retrieve the Base URL displayed in the browser. So if I have 'https://[instancenumber].salesforce.com/console' I would like to get 'https://[instancenumber].salesforce.com'. I use within Javascript:


but I always get NaN. I know that I might use Javascript directly but I would like to know why this Salesforce approach does not work and I can make it work. Thanks
We are looking for a long term consultant to help guide us through the perplexity of Salesforce and IT.  We need someone with a talent for understanding business processes that can evaluate the solutions currently being utilized (which don't currently communicate), and offer a vision/strategy for improved efficiency and productivity through centralization/integration into Salesforce and/or other applicable solutions.

We would like to set up the relationship as a monthly ongoing retainer for a negotiated number of hours.  We also require the work to be done on site at our location in Southern Cal (Murrieta) for interactive employee training and communication.  We are not looking for a short term relationship, but an invaluable expert that can  help the company grow and improve over the long term.  Please reach out by email at info@globallinksourcing.com if you feel you are very qualified for the opportuity. No recruiters please.
Explore a career with Bottomline Technologies as a Salesforce Architect!

This is the leadership role to Bottomline’s vision, communication, development and deployment of our Salesforce solutions investment. Specifically focused toward the Salesforce.com application and platform, this role is also exposed to more than 50 industry packaged, or custom built, applications to a 1,500+ global consumer base.

Click her to learn more:  https://home.eease.com/recruit2/?id=13493741&t=1
Apply HERE : http://bit.ly/1Kbd4ZK

Ultimate Software is seeking a Salesforce.com Developer to join our fast-paced, enterprise-wide Division. Our team provides leadership and organization for key operational and strategic business projects, which typically cross multiple divisions within the company. This individual will manage a wide variety of aspects in our Salesforce.com instance. The ideal candidate must be a self-starter, comfortable in a fast pace environment, while understanding a variety of corporate systems and their interactions. Must be able to perform a wide range of responsibilities (from daily administration to higher-level strategy) and be comfortable working with a variety of cross-functional teams. We are looking for an individual who thrives in an environment that is both collaborative and complex and who is motivated to build relationships and get things done.   Attention to detail is crucial, but the ability to be flexible, think quickly on your feet, and an ability and interest in understanding dependencies and the “big picture” is also important. 

This is your opportunity to apply and expand upon your current level of Salesforce.com knowledge! Our company leverages Salesforce.com to support critical and complex business processes (internal and customer-facing). We are growing our team to support ongoing expansion into new functionality. Come join us for this exciting adventure!  

Ultimate is ranked #21 in FORTUNE's 100 “Best Places to Work For in 2015.” This is the fourth year in a row we have been listed on FORTUNE’s list. We were ranked #20 in 2014 and #9 in 2013. Ultimate is also ranked #4 on the inaugural list of “Ten Great Workplaces for Millennials” produced by Great Place to Work®’s Great Rated!™

Primary Responsibilities:

Spend 80% of your time working in a hands-on way on day-to-day tasks and 20% of your time working on Salesforce related projects and tasks requiring high degree of technical expertise
Have domain expertise in at least two area that is critical to the business
Work independently with minimal supervision
Participate in design sessions for the creation of functional & business requirements and design
Participate in Salesforce related architectural and solution discussions
Have some understanding of our application infrastructure; troubleshoot issues and engage the appropriate engineering teams as issues arise that fall out of our domain
Work closely with the Architect and Lead Developer to vet out design and other critical application decisions
Seek to expand your knowledge of Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, related tools, technologies and best-practices
Analyze, recommend, and implement Salesforce tools
Active analysis of existing internal/external design, architecture and development practices in their domain to ensure continuous improvement of internal org/systems
Engage in conversations with internal users to understand their line of business
Keep alert of integrated product developments that translate to environmental or code modifications
Rely on instructions, pre-established guidelines, policies, and procedures to perform day to day tasks
Rely on research and domain expertise to work on technical projects
Keep projects, initiatives in motion and delivered on time for self and junior team members
Assist in developing project estimates and plans for self and junior team members
Assist in code review and deployment activities
Work closely with QA, Business Analysts, BI/Report Designers, Database developers, Software Engineers and support staff throughout the full Software Development life cycle
Work closely with security and change management teams to ensure processes, procedures, and best practices all conform to audits that Ultimate Software is required to pass (ISO 27001, SAS70, and SOX compliance)


4+ years software development experience (C#, Visual Basic, Java, Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, etc.)
2+ years Salesforce development experience
Experience with web development technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, etc.)
Experience using Salesforce platform, tools and languages
Advanced understanding of the Software Development Life cycle preferred
Experience using ETL tools preferred
Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud preferred
Experience using MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint
Experience integrating external systems with Salesforce
Experience with Salesforce Sales Cloud
Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Work effectively as a member of an agile team and/or independently
Ability to interact with other departments and business users who are not as technical in nature
Ability to understand system functionality, process, and architecture at a technical and business level
Moderately task-oriented
Ability to identify and prioritize technical system and application issues in a timely manner for self and others
Ability to lead educational discussions and presentations
High degree of self-motivation to learn new methodologies/technologies that will enhance job performance
Self-motivated and accountable to “do what it takes” to get the job done
Must be open to feedback of seniors when being mentored and in turn assist in the mentoring of other development staff members


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related discipline preferred
Salesforce DEV401 Certification
Salesforce ADM 201 Certification preferred

Travel Requirement: Limited travel upon request

Apply HERE : http://bit.ly/1Kbd4ZK
<ui:inputDate aura:id="dateValue" label="d" change="c.dateHandler" displayDatePicker="true"/> , I noticed the change event is not fired if you select the date via the date picker. ? any other suggestion