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Hello, can someone point me to a data model on objects that are related to the Salesforce Community. I'm having trouble understanding how User, Contact, NetworkMember, and Network objects work together in the community.
Hello all,

We are migrating data from our Lithium Community to Salesforce Community. I'm using a java application that I've written to handle the data migration via SOAP API into Salesforce (using the Enterprise WSDL). I'm currently needing to migrate forum posts into Salesforce in the form of a FeedItem - this migration is working except for mesages that contain inline images.I receive this error:

Referenced file id is invalid, not accessible, or does not exist

Doing considerable searching on this topic, I've attempted to base64 encode the images and include them in the body of the html, but I still receive the same error. The primary article that I am following indicates I can import inline images if encoded in base64: http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/converting-a-rich-text-area-fields-image-for-api-upload

Here is the html for the image that I last received the error message:

The FeedItem object field I'm mapping to is called Body and it is of type "textarea". The article mentions it must be a field of type "richtext", but the FeedItem object contains a field called "IsRichText" that I set to true as well.

Does anyone know of a better way to import these inline images via the API, or why I might be receiving this error? I've got about 30,000 messages to import, so it needs to be programmatic solution.

Any insights would be helpful. Thanks!


Hi All,


I'm trying to copy some custom objects that have a rich text field included in them from a sandbox org back to it's production org. I've tried doing this with the data loader but the images came over as broken links - likewise with copying and pasting the data between orgs.


Is there really no way to move the image data over along with the rich text fields? This seems like a major oversight if so.