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In Salesforce, the Id field is the primary key for any SObject. Users can also create a custom text field and make it unique, but users cannot create a composite key for a SObject.

A Composite key is very important in certain scenarios. It will help you maintain the data integrity and is a basic feature in any relational databases. Even though Salesforce uses Oracle, it hides this feature in its Force.com development platform.

There is a quick way to mimic composite key feature in SFDC. See this thread http://wp.me/p19Otf-2x for details.
Hi Guys,

I have a custom object called "AsyncProcessJob", this object tracks all my async process in my system. I have to insert a record into the object then it executes some logic depending on some other field values. If the logic updates successfully then it sets the status of the record as "Success", if it fails then "Failed".

This logic fails when salesforce governor limit exceeds, in such cases it's unable to update the status as the execution stops completely.
So, I want to know is it possible to update the record after the governor limit exceeds. 
hello All,

I need to display a lookup field in VF page on salesforce 1. I have used apex:inputfield tag for the same however it refers to the old salesforce styling and i am looking out for  Salesforce1 lookup design.

Can anyone please suggest?

I had a look at the link below but couldn't understand how to take it forward and implement in VF page

Any help would be appreciated

Hi there


It seems to me that the "ALL ROWS" keyword that you use in SOQL (to access records in the recycled bin) can only be used in Apex.


I went to Developer Console in the Query Editor and tried typing this



and it executes.


But If I add "ALL ROWS" at the end, i.e.



then I got

"Unknown error parsing query" error.


If I write this in an Apex code, like this


List<Fruit__c> fruits = [SELECT ID FROM Fruit__c ALL ROWS];


then the line actually executes successfully.


It seems weird to me that "ALL ROWS" keyword cannot be used inside the Query Editor.  Wondering if anyone has encountered that?