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I have installed the Eclipse Kepler release on Windows 10. I get the following error when I try to create a new Force.com project.

Unable to fetch organization details for...

Element {urn:soap.sforce.com}returnFieldDataTypes invalid at this location

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

Trailhead is great! The simple page layout itself really lends itself to doing the work on an iPad, but in my experience I can't tap to select answers on the Challenge.. so I can't us the iPad.

> Is iOS supported? Has anyone else tried?    ( I get the results I've described under Safari and Chrome, on iOS 8.4.1)
> If not, could we please fix it? This would be a boon to the many people taking Trailhead. 

It will not allow me to select an answer. Running on iOS 9, only tried Safari.