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I'm receiving an formula  error >Error: Formula result is data type (Date), incompatible with expected data type (Number).
Shouldn't it be a Date formula field?  Thanks 
From Setup, enter Accounts in the quick find box and select Accounts | Fields.
Scroll to the Account Custom Fields & Relationships section and click New.
Select Formula and click Next.
In Field Label, enter Future Date. Field Name populates automatically.
Select Number and click Next.
Enter the following formula:
 TODAY() + 3
This example says that if any fields are not filled in, the contact complete checkbox should remain unchecked
!(ISBLANK(FirstName) && 
ISBLANK(LastName) &&
ISBLANK(Phone) &&
ISBLANK(Email) &&
However, the way it is coded, the expression inside the () will return No if any fields are not filled in and then and a NOT of that will return a yes

I have a requirement  where if there is a change in any of the fields of a custom object we need to highlight those fields on the pagelayout to make it easier for the admin to figure out the updated fields.? I am aware that we can write a trigger compare the old and new values and send an email alert to admin. So i thought of that solution, but the user needed the highligting of the updated fields.

How can i acheive this?

Can anyone please help with this.

​Thanks in advance!!!
I feel the directions aren't clear. Is the entire formula below belong in the interest rate field? or should there be two formula fields. Thanks 
IF(Principal__c < 10000, 0.02,

 IF(Principal__c >= 10000 &&

  Principal__c < 100000, 0.03, 0.04))

 Principal__c  *  EXP( Interest_Rate__c  * (YEAR(TODAY()) - VALUE(YearStarted)))