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I am working on Apex advance platform developer 2 Module 1 and I am not able to validate module 1. I am keep facing same error "Ensure you create the Inventory Setting custom metadata and the four records". I have created Inventory_Setting__c custom object and four records already. I am struggling with this error last two days, please help me. 

There is an standard object called File. If i want to import and export files in the file object using data loader i cannot do it because File object is not there in the list in Data Loader. Please tell me how to export and import files.
I have a VF page and some apex code in related controller. The VF is ran by a user having limited access based on his profile. However the code tries to update a contact which results in a privilege error and says [Update access denied for Contact] which seems an issue for currently runnign user. This is fine as user profile doesnt allow him to edit/update Contacts. However if I have not used [with sharing], then ideally it should run in System mode which is somehow not happening. Can someone pls help by pointing out issue  or some direction pls ?