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I have a custom department__c object with mdr relation with account. contact object have lookup relation with department__c. I would like to get images from contact attachment with name. After that I would like to add browse button to update image . How to write apex code and visualforce page to do this task. Any clarification pls ask me regarding task.
scheduled class that is sending birthday wishes email to lead records that email is sent using template the template has subject "Happy Birthday" the problem is that emails go 2 times a day  6am and once in evening we need to stop 6am delivery
search scheduled class based on email template id which is used in that class. I have some scheduled classes I would like to know scheduled class that is used the email template id. search scheduled class based on email template id.

Is it possible to post to a colaboration group via apex. i have a trigger on task that need to post to a group not all of chatter. Im most confused how i would handle the insert post command.