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In "Keep Data Secure in a Recruiting App" trailhead project, on step "Restrict Data Access with Field-Level Security, Permission Sets, and Sharing Settings", I have got the following error :

Review the instructions for setting the Job Posting status to 'Read/Write'

Did someone faced that and how to fix it ?

There's something weird. on the last screenshot regarding (Sharing settings), I see that Job Posting is "Public read only"
But this object is a junction object and following the steps won't give access to this setting but "Controlled by Parent".

I'm don't understand what "status" is referenced by the error message. There's a status field on Job Posting Site object as well as on Position object but not on Job Posting which contains only 2 master details fields.

I am trying to complete the Visualizing Your Data with Dashboards and Charts module for the Reports and Dashboards Trail, and I keep getting this error below even though my Dashboard has all the criteria required. 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
One or more of the following is incomplete in the Dashboard: no component uses the 'Cases by Status' report as a source report, your component does not have a 'Cases by Status' header, and/or your component does not have a 'New vs Closed' title.

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard I have created in my Trailhead Playground. 

User-added image
Can anyone help me out here so I can complete this Trail?


Eric Schmeisser