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I want to take a Coustom QuickAction Buttom That updates a record and call it on a trigger. So that the user is prompted to enter the information.

For example I have a status that Is Date Scheduled. When that status is set I want to promted the user to end a date and time like the quick Action button does.
We have implemented the following,
1: The OWD on contact is set to private
2: A particular profile do not have modify All Contacts permission
3: When any non admin user create a contact its ownership will change to Admin (i.e if a user ABC creates a contact then the workflow fires and change the owner of that contact to Admin)

If a contact is created without account then the contact is not editable by the user who has created the contact.Is there any way to enable edit feature on that , we tried with apex sharing, still the contact is not editable . Please help if anyone knows the solution

Thanks in advance.