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Hi Everyone, i have had a work flow in place and used an apex. Over the weekend (i assume due to an upgrade) the apex option / command disappeared in the process builder. Anyone having a similar problem or solution for this?
Btw, I am on professional edition.
Currently my name is made up as follows

1. London, Royal Opera Hous

i would like to show the account name only as 

London (i.e. without "1." and without the second part after comma)

All this i also would like to be able to use as a hyperlink so that when i click on it, i am redirected to the relevant account

Please help, currently i only got to 

Data TypeFormula  
LEFT(Account.Name, FIND( ",", Account.Name ) -1 )

which eliminates the second part however, i cannot remove the "1." and also cannot make it work as a link

MANY thanks