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I'd like to have a program that would automatically connect all contacts associated with an account to an opportunity as contact roles. I already know that if you create an opportunity from a contact, that the contact is assigned as the contact role. However, I have multiple contacts associated with some of my accounts and I need them to be connected to the opportunity as well. I've created a flow to make opportunity entry easier for the office staff, however getting them to remember to go back and add the contact roles after they have created the opportunities is a pain. It would be so much nicer if this could be done behind the scenes with programing.  Is it possible to do this with a flow? I'm using the desktop flow developer, and I see you can make a data source/target with an opportunitycontactrole table. But I'm not sure how to go about adding this to my flow. I'm assuming I'd have to add another lookup element, have the person find the contact to attach, selected it and assign the role.  The problem with this, is that the operator, has to know who to add to the opportunity, which opens up a possbility of adding the wrong people. If there was a way to make it automatic, it would remove the potential for operator error.