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Hi all,

We have just finished a project to make our quotes multilingual with the use of VisualForce and Labels. Now we want to update our Productbook, making the Products on the Quotes multilingual aswell. However, I couldn't find any way to do this on the internet.

Have any of you ever run into this? I would love to hear any advice on how to develop this!

Kind regards,
Steven Mens
Hello everyone,

I've been struggling with getting images to show in an e-mail template. I've been trying out a couple of methods on attaching an image to the template, but for some reason the images don't show when I send a preview to my company e-mail address. I've tried getting the image from the Static Resource, by Documents and via an external database (wp-content).

Weirdly, the images do show when I send a preview to my personal Hotmail.com or Gmail.com addresses.

Does anyone have experience with this? Could it be some firewall on my company e-mail address?

Kind regards,

Steven Mens