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Hello all,

 i have one requirement to identify duplicate records from custom object dupRecObj__C

 in this object i have 2 lakh records, i have almost 8 fileds, including dateTime and date fields. i need to compare each record with all other records if all 8 fields matches. it will be duplicate field. how can i achive this scenario. can any one help me on it.

Helo all,

I need one regular expression pattern, in that i have to verify string contains at least one upper or lower case character or one number i dont have problem with position. if string contains only special charactors it will be invalid. EX : @#@#@# invalid string !@$%^&a - valid string !@$$)(&A - valid string !@$$)(&1 - valid string
can you please help me to prepare Pattern String regExp = '([a-zA-Z0-9]*)';
String[] regExps = new string[]{'@#@#@#','@#@#@#a ','@#@#@#A','@#@#@#1'};
for(string regEx : regExps)
//system.debug('regEx== '+regEx); Matcher m = Pattern.compile(regExp).matcher(regEx); if(m.matches()) { System.debug(regEx); }