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Hi All,

Can we create the AccountHistory Reocrd in test class if it is possible plz post how ?

Hi All,
How to insert records using batch apex.There is lot of information given to update the existing records.
but i want only isert records 
Hi all

I have an requirement that i will give OWD:Private for a record but i want to share this record with my role subordinates

Thanks In Advance
Sampath Palli
Hi everyone,
I want to assign the Lead to the Sales Rep based on the Zipcode.I have more than 40,000 Zipcode and 5-10 sales Rep.
Can anyone help over here.

Hi All,

Can we create the AccountHistory Reocrd in test class if it is possible plz post how ?

Hi Devs,

How do I get the sysdatetime() from salesforce db like SQL server as below?

select convert(varchar(26), sysdatetime(), 21) as CET

I Have (after insert, after update) trigger on case sObject. When I am manually inserting or updating case trigger fires, also when I am  updating existing case via REST API request it fires too. But when I am creating new case via REST API using INSERT or UPSERT methods trigger is bypassed. Even if trigger contians just one line: System.debug ('Hello world').

How do i overcome this issue??
Hey guys I'm new to salesforce and I've to update all phone numbers on contact when account phone number changes, how can I do this with trigger? please help.
Hi Guys

How to integrate/sync gmail with salesforce.have any sample code share me with example ?
Hi all

I want to develop a crm project for construction companies which is i want to track the leads from external system and upload in to salesforce objects and the qualified leads are converted into contacts and accounts and also track the how many leads are converted into opportunities and how many opportunities are converted into contacts and accounts. I want to create reports on this lead convertion. 
How we make leads duplicate data cleaning

To achive this where i need to focus.
what key points or any tips or suggestions.

Thanks in Advance
Hi I am an admin, and I am new to Salesforce, I wanted to know if there is a Calendar compatiblitly program within Salesforce Classic? It would aid in my day to day meetings and events.
I need to refresh my sandbox and I want to backup my salesforce pages. Can you please tell me how to proceed using Eclipse and force.com? Is this possible? 

Hi Everyone,
Hoping you can help with something I am stuck on.
I have created a button to clone a custom object however I don't want the rich text boxes to clone over and want them to clear and be blank when I have cloned the object.
I have tried using the formula to leave the field blank..... 00N7E000000IJvf =
However this doesnt seem to blank out text fields - it is only working on my date/number fields
Any help would be amazing - thanks all!!

I have created email-to-case also wrote a trigger(before and after insert) in EmailMessage Object, when I'm trying to access "BCcaddress" field in trigger level it gives NULL value even though I have sent an email by marking BCc to someone, also that field is not visible in EmailMessage standard page layout.

Do anyone have solution for this? I need to get "BCcaddress" field value in Trigger level.

here my code:

for(EmailMessage irow : trigger.new){
            system.debug(' Toaddress -> '+ irow.Toaddress + ' BCcaddress -> '+ irow.BCcaddress + ' Ccaddress -> '+ irow.Ccaddress + ' Fromaddress -> '+ irow.Fromaddress);


Hey guys,

We have an apex class and VF page called Register.  On this page the user can select from 4 different values on a picklist field called Type.

Is it possible to show all fours selections to all users that have Agent (checkbox) as TRUE on their user profile?

So what I would need is any currently logged in user with Agent as TRUE will see Options 1,2,3,4 and any user with Agent as FALSE will see options 1,2,3.

Can this be done?

Hi All,

I want to display Dashboards tab for community user. The community is created using Napil teplate. Iam not finding ways to display dasboards using napili template. please help.

thanks in advance.

public class MassEmail{
public void show(){
EmailTemplate et=[select id from EmailTemplate where name ='approve loan'];
Messaging.MassEmailMessage email1=new Messaging.MassEmailMessage();
Contact c =[select id,email from Contact limit 60];
List<id>whoids=new List<id>{c.id};
Messaging.Email[] em=new Messaging.Email[]{email1};
This is my code.My intension is to send email to list of contacts.i am getting list of  emails from contacts.While executing the above code i was get issue like "System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject". Can any one find what mistake i have done.