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I am from telecom background and now I am trying to change the carieer as Salseforce Developer or Admin. I now confident with Salesforce platform and coding. I am planning to take Dev 401 exam in couple of weeks. I am looking for any opportunity which will help me building more confidence in platform.


I need to create a trigger that changes me the ownership of a lead to a different Queue if a field changes it's value.

Could you please help?

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to Convert String to a SobjectField API Name but unfortunately not able to convert it, here is my code. 
     Map <String, Schema.SObjectField> fieldMap = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get('O_Product__c').getDescribe().fields.getMap();
              Map<String,String> POIMap= new Map<String,String>();  -->Here In this map I'm capturing Field Label and Name
             for(Schema.SObjectField sfield : fieldMap.Values())
              schema.describefieldresult dfield = sfield.getDescribe();         

String fldApi = POIMap.get('Value for '+newLead.CurrencyIsoCode); --> Here I want to convert "fldApi" into SobjectField API Name
How can we Convert it String into Field API Name?
Job Role: Senior Salesforce Developer
Location: Bloomington, MN
Client: Sawtooth Solutions, LLC
Duration: 3 months with likely extensions
Job Description:
Sawtooth serves RIAs, Broker Dealers, and Banks by offering a comprehensive and flexible platform for overseeing the entire wealth management process across all account types. We offer both UMA and SMA solutions representing more than 300+ strategies.  We manage investments using Best-of-Breed software integrations powered by the Salesforce.com platform.  Our collaborative approach helps advisors create an institutional level wealth management offering with definable and repeatable investment, sales and operational processes, leading to increased ability to scale and increased enterprise value.
Sawtooth is looking for a senior salesforce developer to help with several project initiatives including the build and integration of new tools for quantitative and qualitative research, proposal generation, and surveys and custodial forms that include electronic signatures.
Position Requirements:
  • 3+ years of industry experience as a Salesforce.com developer
  • Must have historical and proven knowledge and practical application of Visualforce, APEX programming, Force.com APIs, and Web Services
  • Salesforce Advanced Developer certification is highly preferred
  • Highly analytical while also having a strong and deep technical background in Salesforce.com
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks and deliver results with aggressive timelines
  • Able and willing to work independently and in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, with minimal supervision
We are looking for a freelance SFDC Developer to complete a fairly small custom development project involving an API call which can be triggered by a SFDC Flow - Preferably in the Denver area. 
Looking to create a formula date field that will display the Contract Expired date minus the value diplayed in the Contract.Owner Expiration Notice picklist field... 
Hi there
I have inherited a org which has a phone number validation rule (for international numbers) but I cant work out what the format of the phone number should be based on the code (im not a coder) - can anyone tell me please?

Validation rule is NOT(REGEX( Fax , "^\\+[0-9]{1,4} [0-9]{1}[0-9]"))
I have a requirement to create a report and dashboard . the Requirement is "need a report that shows the % of the email cases that we respond to within 24 hours. That time clock would stop when an agent accepts the case and begins work on it."
This is when a email case comes in , if the Case owner changes from automated Username to a Particular user than it will be consider as Responded.

I have created a workflow and Formula field that will calculate the hours between the Created datetime and First response Date time.

Now in Reports how I should bring the % of email cases that were responded within 24 dours. 

Please advise.

I have a picklist field that contains values A-Z. I need to write a validation rule that says if the Picklist is set to A, B or C then the same Picklist can't be changed to the value X but can be changed to other values. 


The above is what i have but it doesnt work 


  • November 08, 2016
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So while I was working with geolocations and formula fields I found that there is a function "GEOLOCATION(latitude, longitude)-Returns a location based on the provided latitude and longitude.​"  

I wanted to know if there is anything that does the reverse of this i.e. takes the location/address and returns me the lattitude and longitude. 

If not, Is there any way to do it ? 


Suhail Ayub

Zipari is a technology start-up company based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. Our mission is to disrupt the insurance industry by introducing consumer-centric solutions powered by data analytics. We are looking for individuals who want to build a company, a culture and solve complex challenges.
The Zipari team members have strong work ethics, believe in what Zipari is building, and are willing to play whatever role is necessary to achieve the company’s goals. Our team has movie geeks, foodies, talented musicians and a mix of random elements that make us one: The Zipari team!
What You’ll Be Doing
• Developing Salesforce managed packages for deployment on the AppExchange
• Working closely with Python, Java, UX and Front-End engineers
• Participating in architectural, design and product discussions
• Learning new Salesforce related technologies
• Working in an agile environment with an excellent team of engineers

What You’ll Need
• Experience with technical implementations of CRM projects
• Salesforce Developer (DEV-501) certification
• Very strong APEX & Visualforce development skills, Controllers, Force.com custom development, Custom Settings, Triggers, JavaScript, JSON and SOQL is required
• Inbound / Outbound Web Services (SOAP and REST)
• Experience building managed applications & AppExchange development experience is a major plus
• Deployment automation is a strong plus using Metadata API, Change Set and ANT
• Experience working at a software product company is a major plus
• Experience integrating with Python and/or java is a plus
• Agile development experience
• Working knowledge of source control and backups
• Self starter, positive and excited to work with a team of excellent engineers
• Very strong communication and collaboration skills
What You Get
On top of joining an up-and-coming Silicon Valley backed start-up, you will enjoy:
• Competitive salary
• Equity and future growth possibilities
• Excellent health, dental and vision benefits
• Generous vacation and leave policies
• Awesome team with a chance to help define the culture
• Fun work environment and team events (Friday happy hours, foosball tournaments and movie nights)

To Apply: Please send an email with cover letter and resume to join@zipari.com. Candidates must be authorized to work full-time for any employer in the US and must currently live in the US, preferably in the New York area. We are not accepting applications from candidates needing
H1 visa sponsorship/transfer or C2C (corporation to corporation) contract candidates at this time.
Zipari, Inc. is an equal opportunity employers committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Zipari Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws

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