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Are there any advantages to using the Force.com Migration Tool instead of just using the Deploy/Retrieve options in Workbench? Thanks in advance for your help.
As aSalesforce.com Administrator, Responsible for globally supporting users field organization, and ensure close collaboration with regional & global stakeholders to provide the issue support.

1-3 years of relevant work experience in salesforce admin, and preferably Bachelors Degree or equivalent
Professional experience with Salesforce.com CRM instance of 500+ user base, administration in global support environment.
Good written, and oral English communication skills
Demonstrated ability to work in a high-pressure environment and meet strict deadlines.
Should be comfortable with flexible shift timings
Salesforce.com certified administrator Salesforce.com Developer certification or experience preferred.

Contact Here-
 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite - 400 Arlington, VA - 22202
 +1 571-777-9070
Hello All,
              I am new to salesforce. i want to send email with attachment that stored in static resources. please tell me how to do it
With me, I can't even get through the webpage in  workbench.developerforce.com, it claims my login is incorrect, though it is right.

Admittedly I am using the free account, but it is to help support customers that are paying for the full salesforce service, and my use on salesforce has been plenty light.  If this is a licensing restriction, is there something I can do to be able to use both, or am I doing anything wrong?

We have been using SLDS to create a tab in lightning to make it mobile and tablets compatible and responsive.. The compatibility works fine for android though, for IOS the scroll through option is not working or not responsive when we held the tablet vertically. Thanks in advance.
I have create a site for vlonteer to signup but it doesn show.  what I am able to view is the "under contruction page" and when some body want to register it shows the calendar and the registration page but it still show "level field level security for profile" on the user guess page. can somebody help me.
when i try to 'check challenge' on the hands on challenge for 'work with GUS at salesforce > GUS at work > Create Work Items', i get the following error and cannot finish the challenge

There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: YRPEAQJA. Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: INVALID_TYPE: SELECT Id FROM agf__ADM_Work__c where RecordTypeId ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:16 sObject type 'agf__ADM_Work__c' is not supported. If you are attempting to use a custom object, be sure to append the '__c' after the entity name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.
Hi all,

I am wondering what would be the best Salesforce product (or products) to use to build a website that allows a certain set of users (with no coding skills whatsoever) to upload video and textual content. Then, it should also allow a much larger set of authenticated users to view this content. It should also allow 1-column, 2-column, and 3-column text layouts. I realize this is highly specific, but I thought it might be better to add all feature I am interested in. I was looking into Heroku, but I would like to gauge these forums :) Thanks!

tldr: Which Salesforce product(s) are necessary to create an internal content management site for people with limited HTML skills?

I'd like to add a Submit for Approval button to my custom Lightning page. I have the button added to my page layout, but it only shows in Salesforce classic. I'm fine with adding this standard button or creating a custom button with the functionality I need. When the button is pressed, I want the record to be locked and a user to be alerted. Upon approval, the record should remain locked; upon rejection, the record should become editable once again.

I've seen multiple posts regarding Submit for Approval with VF pages but not using Lightning. Any suggestions on the best way to implement this?
I'm doing Accounts & Contacts - Getting Started with Accounts and Contacts module. It tells me to make sure the new account that I need to create is a BUSINESS account. How do I specify if it's a BUSINESS or PERSON account?
Is there any way to differentiate Lightning App and Lightning Console App in terms of coding? just like sforce in classic.

Are there any advantages to using the Force.com Migration Tool instead of just using the Deploy/Retrieve options in Workbench? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Guys,

While developing visualforce pages for force.com public sites i want to store some values in session from apex controller.
I used Cache.Session / Cache.SessionPartition but this is only working internally, not working on public sites.

Code lines are below-
Cache.SessionPartition sessionPart = Cache.Session.getPartition('local.myPartitionSession');
 // Retrieve cache value from the partition
 if (!sessionPart.contains('BookTitle')) {
        sessionPart.put('BookTitle', 'test');

Pradip Shukla
Hi Everybody!

I have a question I hope somebody can give me some help with. If we build a site on Force.com, and have registered a domain name on Godaddy, how do I setup the name servers to the visiting public only sees http://www.oursite.com, instead of http://www.oursite.force.com?

So far we've followed directions we found that says to to create a site, domain and custom URL in Salesforce. Then on Godaddy, we created a CNAME record which points to "ourdomain.our18characterOrgId.live.siteforce.com", which does work if you were to type in www.mysite.com.

The problem is, that this only works as a forward, because we still see http://www.oursite.force.com in the browser address bar, instead of just http://www.oursite.com.

From my understanding of how this needs to work (please correct me if I'm wrong), Force.com would have to be the domain registrar in order for us to achieve the desired results.

Is it  possible to transfer our domain to Force.com, or is there some other way to achieve the results we're looking for?

Any feedback, will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :-)

Hi All
can you please share interview questions and different senarios which ask for experienced sfdc developers

Iam looking for Salesforce Consulting companies in India for help with the projects that we have.
Please advise!

Need salesforce project support in california timings. Intrested please respond.

How good are the job opportunities for Salesforce administrator. How good will be the career if choose the admin side and try to move towards consulting?

Any suggestions..
I'm working with a programmer on a native Android app.  In the current version, I have to go through a Salesforce login screen in order for the app to transfer its information to the Salesforce database.

Am I right that the app can signin automatically?  If so, can you point me to the instructions to do this?  Or can you give some paid time to guide my programmer to a solution?

If I create an automatic signin, what's the best way to avoid having to change passwords and tokens while still maintaining security?  Create a user with "password never expires" and very limited permissions?

Thanks for your help,

what is the difference between salesforce administrator and developer ?

Can somebody please explain it.

  • January 04, 2012
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We need 1 salesforce.com implementation consultant who can work on site any where in the U.S.A.
Must have great communication skills as this is a customer facing role.
Should have atleast 1 SFDC implemenation under their belt.

Start date 27th of Oct or earlier.