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Hi, I have a requirement wherein , i have a custom setting with records that have fields as below:
1.Source Object
2.Source Field
3.Destination Object
4.Destination Field
for example if i have a record with such field values
1.Source Object: Account
2.Source Field:Name
3.Destination Object:Contact
4.Destination Field:LastName

then i have to write a batch apex that will create records into destination object with the given destination field with value  , from source objects  source values...it will be reflected as below:

Account- Name:Rahul then after running the batch apex
Contact-LastName : Rahul. 

please help me resolve it 
Thanks in advance.



Is there any way to do multiple call outs in a single txn where there are DML operations?



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Here's my situation. I'm working on an application in a developer organization. I've created an extra user for the end user of the application I've created so I can get feedback from the end user as I'm developing the application. I would like to write test cases with users that are created with DML as was recommend and demoed at dreamforce. The problem is that the developer organization has a limit of 2 user licenses. That's fine, so I thought I'll just delete the users in the test method and create new generic ones and at the end of the tests everything would roll back. Unfortunately I received the error that DML is not allowed on the user object. Is there anyway around this?