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Hi All my current OWD for account is private. I have an  user who is manager in role hierarchy who can see account record but cannot edit. It throws insufficient access level message. Is there a way to give full access to this account for this manager?

Tahnks for help.. 
  • April 07, 2016
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​Hi everyone,

We are using a visualforce page to host buttons to create case related emails.
The problem is that the Thread ID gets expanded by 3 digits and gets added at the top of the email for no reason.
for example, it changes from [ ref:_00D30ups._50040qCn7G:ref ] to [ ref:_00D30ups._50040qCn7GAAS:ref ]

It makes the system creates a new case insead.

The email-to-case setting is set NOT to include Thread ID in Subject or body, we have this as a field in the template itself.

Any help is appreciated.