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Helle everyone,

I am not able to pass this trailhead challange. - Setup Custom Metadata Type for VAT Tax​
  • Call your custom metadata type VAT Data.
  • VAT Data has a text field called Country Name with length 10.
  • VAT Data has a percent field called VAT Rate with default values.
  • For the VAT Data record label, use the country name.
  • Japan has a 10% VAT.
  • Germany has a 19% VAT
Here the challange itself is not clear. 
I created a metadata type with name VAT Data.
and created two custom fields Country Name and VAT Rate.
I entered records for  VAT Data with value Japan as country name and 10 as vat rate but after this how to again add germany country name and 19 as vat rate. My question is how to add both records in same metadata type? 
Hi I am getting error url not valid when trying to pass this trailhead challenge - 
Challenge - Create a new Transaction Security Policy named "New URL" (API Name "NewURL") for Login events. The policy sends an email notification and doesn’t take a real-time action. Be careful - transaction security is a powerful feature. An incorrect Login Event policy that blocks real-time action will lock you out of your org.  

Trailhead Challenge Create transaction security policy invalid url() error
I am on the last module of the Build a Discount Calculator trail. I have verified the first 4 steps and received the 50 points (everything was configured correctly). Now, when I try to verify my last step I am getting the following error:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Calculate Discount' custom button doesn't exist or isn't properly configured. Check the instructions.

I've verfied the creation of the button, it's on the correct page layout and I've tested the button- it gives me the correct discount percentage and discounted amount.

Any other ideas on what I should check? I'm at a loss.
I'm currently stuck on the "Learn Standard Open Redirect Preventions" challenge of the "App Logic Vulnerability Prevention" module.

The challenge is to submit a valid open redirect attack starting from the Standard Redirect Protections Challenge tab.

However, the links on this page are all to standard record pages, where the hack (e.g changing retURL to returl) won't work (it only works on VF pages).

Even if I attempt this and check the challenge, the error I get states: "It doesn't appear that you've successfully redirected to an external website using the Visualforce page. Please try again." - so it implies that it expects me executing this from a custom VF page.

Can anyone give me some advice on where I'm missing something on the challenge?

I have this error when I try to check challenge:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find an account named 'Blackbeards Grog Emporium' created from Workbench with the Description 'The finest grog in the seven seas.'

In the next picture you can see what I send by the Workbench

User-added image

The result is succes and in my Developer Org I can see the Account created correctly, but the challenge isn't passed.