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Hi Everyone,

I have one VFpage with a html table, tr and td. And this page is rendered as PDF. Now I want to add scrollbar in td on the PDF. With css "overflow: auto" and using it in div it's only working on VF page but not on PDF. 

Please help me with the vertical scroll bar on PDF inside the table.

My requirement is to show character count for a rich text area field whose lilit is set to 2000 on a VF page like
Character Count (100/2000). I have used one code, but its working for text field only and not for rich text area field.

Any help is appreciated on this.


I have created one visualforce component to show data from Account object and a custom object CS. Like for one Account, there can be more than one CS object records and I want to show this data in tabular form but I am not getting the data on VF page through which I am calling this component. 
I have created a Map<Id, List<Custom_Object__c>> mapAcc to get the data in the controller but this is not retrieving data on the VF page.