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The first challangeof this Superbadge seems to be problematic, showing the following message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We could not find enough records in the 'Contacts' object. There should be at least 100 from the import.

What is interesting is that everything seems complete to me! I have inserted 100 contacts and 100 accounts, and of course all other items (Opportunities and Contact Hobbies).

Any idea why I see this error message?
I need some assitance with creating a Trigger that creates a task from a lead record that has text in the Lead Web Comment Field to create a task for the Lead owner, with priority of Normal, Subject of Text "Lead Web Comment", Status of Lead Web Comment.

I have this trigger started but don't know exactly how to have all the fields populated with the above requirements.

Could someone please help?

trigger Lead_After_Insert on Lead (after insert)

  list<Task> lNewTasks = new list<Task>();

  for(integer i=0; i<trigger.new.size(); i++)


     lNewTasks.add(MyTask = new Task(

       Subject = 'Lead Web Comment',

       WhoID = trigger.new[i].id

       *Other Task Fields Here*



   insert lNewTasks;