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Hi everyone,

I've created a relatively complex flow using the new flow builder. In a nutshell it updates contacts. The flow is embeded in a simple lightning page.

At the end of it, I want to provide a link to the updated contact and related account. So far, I put this in the last screen display text:
Thanks! <a href=“/{!Selected_Contact_Id}” TARGET="_blank">The contact {!Selected_Contact_Full_Name}</a> has been updated. 

<a href=“/{!Selected_Account_Id}” TARGET="_blank">Account  {!Selected_Account_Name} link</a>

In debug mode or when I run the flow from the lightning page, I'm getting this:

"Thanks! The contact John Dw has been updated. 

Account xxxx link"

The bold texts are links, but they lead to
(debug mode)

https://playful-shark-j2hf89-dev-ed.lightning.force.com/lightning/n/Contact_page (lightning page)

Any clues why it's not leading to the modified contact id and related account id ?

I'm trying to create a new playground, but am unable to do so.  When I try to select create new trailhead playground, nothing happens.  The list doesn't even register that my curser is hovering over the options in the list.  What am I doing wrong?
I'm getting a message about my Access on one of my Developer Orgs:

Access Blocked
The operation you requested isn't allowed due to a security policy in your organization. Contact your administrator for more information about security policies. 

Can anyone shed light on this? I've tried the forgot password and can get to my security question, but then this message comes up.

I am working on the Trailhead challenge asking me to create a formula field calculating the volume of a cylinder.  I am 99% sure my formula is correct but the error message I am getting is asking me to include a "required field" that is not mentioned in the challenge.  Here is the prompt:
Your company sells cylindrical hyperbaric chambers. You need a formula field that calculates the volume of a cylinder for you, rounded to the nearest whole number, given its radius and height. Use the existing mathematical formula for the volume of a cylinder, V = πr2h, where r is the radius of the cylinder, h is the height, and π is the constant Pi. Note: Although this formula field might best be created on a custom object, for simplicity, we’ll create this formula on the Opportunity object.Create 2 custom fields of type Number on the Opportunity object: ‘radius’ with a resulting API name of ‘radius__c’ and ‘height’ with a resulting API name of ‘height__c’.
The formula should be named ‘Cylinder Volume’, with the resulting API name ‘Cylinder_Volume__c‘ and should be created on the Opportunity object.
The formula should reference the custom fields ‘radius__c‘ and ‘height__c‘.
The formula should use 3.14159 as an approximation of Pi.
Here is my formula: 3.14159 *  (radius__c ^2) *  height__c

Here is my error message:
User-added image

Any help would be appreciated!
Hi, I am trying to create a visual work flow and I get the error # 2046, also I get gray exclamation points when I dont see error #2046.

Does anyone know a reason behind why I am seeing this? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am trying to complete the challenge of the Integrating External Data challenge, and am hitting an 'interesting' problem.  I believe I've gone through all the steps correctly, but an getting the error below:

The 'Phone__x' external object is not correctly setup with an indirect relationship to the User standard object.

When I go do External Objects/phones/edit UUID I can see the UUID field definition.  I have numerous times clicked on Change FIeld Type/Indirect Lookup Relationship/Related to User/Target Field Phone_UUID__c/Next/Save.  Each time I go though that when I get to the Target Field value the value is set to --None--.  It's acting like it forgets that I gave it a value.  That would explain the error message

Any ideas as to how I can get around this?