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I am getting the following error having pasted in the "en-US.json file" as per instructions:

"Build Failed
Intent name "AMAZON.FallbackIntent" contains invalid characters.
Intent names must begin with an alphabetic character and may only contain alphabets, periods, and underscores.
Error code: InvalidIntentName
Hi - I am trying to find out if you can set the 'Ping rate' for live agent.  I see from the documentation that the default is 50s.  How do I change it from that to say 15 seconds?
Many thanks for anyone's help :)

I am receiving the error "Looks like something went wrong, please try again later." when checking my "Automate the creation of fulfillments" challenge within the Lightning Experience Specialist Super Badge.  Anyone have any ideas?



Has anyone else experienced an issue with LA and Edge where when you click the button you get a blank pop up and then the host page gets replaced with the content of the Pre Chat survey? I have raised this with SF Support and they tell me that this is down to Edge not being a supported browser which I feel is slightly bizarre.. Anyone had any luck getting Edge working?

We are not applying any custom logic to the button code.