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I have a use case where in i need to develop a reusable lightning component but with dynamic fields to display
For eg: the lookup component should display A,B,C fields in one part and
X,Y,Z fields on another part in the same application
how can i achieve this using one component only?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi All


i was trying to deploy the new code created as well as some changes made in the existing standard objects. I added new apex code,test class,VF page,Some standard objects and some new custom objects. When i am trying to deploy the code through force.com.IDE(Eclipse) this is the error it is throwing. Can you please help me out if you have any idea of this error. I attached the log for your reference


File Name:    objects/Opportunity.object   

Full Name:  Opportunity.Quotas   

Action:  NO ACTION   

Result:  FAILED   

Problem: Required field is missing: businessProcess