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I have setup salesforce as Identity provider and Biller Direct (SAP Product) as Service provider. created a new domain to set up salesforce as IDP. We were able to do an SSO with the "IdP-Initiated Login URL" on the connected app which we created pertaining to Biller Direct. But when we place this "IdP-Initiated Login URL" in our customer portal and try to do an SSO from their by clicking it if fails. 

Can someone shed some light on what is happening and why it is failing when I try to do an SSO from my customer portal.
Appreciate your thoughts.


We have a certificate expiring in next 10 days in .sfa and production. We have installed new certificate in .sfa and planning to move it to production. How do we move the new certificate to production ? 

There is a CA-Signed certificate that is about to expire in next 30 days in our sfa instance. Is there a way to renew or extend the expiry date for the existing Certificate or do I need to create a new CA-Signed certificate ?

What would be the process to create a new one and install it ? Your guidance on this is appreciated.

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup SSO between Salesforce (Identity Provider) and Biller Direct ( Service Provider). I have setup Salesforce as Identity provider and got a new domain registered as well. I downloaded the SAML.xml from Salesforce and sent it to SAP team. They sent me a metadata.xml file to upload to Salesforce.

Can anyone provide some info on how to proceed with completing the SSO setup after Salesforce as Identity provider. I am not familiar with what needs to be done with the metadata.xml file sent by the Service provider.

Thanks for your help.

I have setup Salesforce as Identity provider and requested for a new domain and it's status is "pending". This is part of a new SSO to a new external system. But somehow, the Customer Portal to which we usually login from "Contact" through SSO is throwing up a different page. Customer portal and the new domain request to build SSO to other system are completely independent.

I am not able to understand why the already existing SSO for Customer portal broke when I requested for a new domain and setup salesforce as identity provider to build SSO for another external system. Below is the page I see when I log into Customer Portal from "Contact".
portal error
Please fill me with your valuable suggestions and the reason for this behaviour. Thanks.
Hi Everyone,

Currently, I have 4 certifications (Platform Developer 1, Admin, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud) in salesforce. I am planning to take my Platform Developer II exam next month. There is not much information or any experiences of the people who have taken it online. In the official site, it says the exam comprises of 2 components, multiple-choice and programmatic assignment. Once I am done with multiple choice I will be asked to register for a programming assignment.

So have few questions about the programming assignment,
a. Is there any time-limit to complete the assignment ?
b. Will ther be any pass/fail for the assignment as well?
c. Incase there is a pass/fail, and we fail it then does the multiple choice exam we passed still holds ?

Please enlighten me with your thoughts as always.Looking forward.

Can we create a custom object and make it as a standard object in salesforce ? Is it allowed ?  We have a standard object in our org, but it is not showing up in workbench when I tried to access it. Do we need to enable any permissions ?

Recently tried to validate a changeset in production from sfa. Saw "Your code coverage is 74%. You need at least 75% coverage to complete this deployment". So, Is there a way where we can find the classes with lowest code-coverage in the org?  So that code coverage can be improved for those classes ?
As part of a project, we have developed 2 webservices. After the first call then immediately the second one is called. It is a simultaneous process invoked by a trigger. But recently we are seeing 2 future handlers instead of 1 in the debug logs. This means we are making 2 web callouts where we should be making only 1. It is resulting in unnecessary callouts. Tried using boolean value to avoid multiple callouts. But that didn't work. Please suggest how to tackle the scenario.

We have a certificate expiring in next 10 days in .sfa and production. We have installed new certificate in .sfa and planning to move it to production. How do we move the new certificate to production ? 

HI All,


We are using Salesforce as IdP and we enabled also the Single Sign-on settings in Salesforce. Now we want to use Heroku and Play! to access Salesforce and the Play! application is the service provider.


This all works fine when using an internal salesforce user, but we want to use this functionality with a customer portal user but how can we manage that.


I found a doc where it states that we need to add the portal_id and the organization_id to the saml assertion but we only have a saml request and the saml assertion comes from the identity provider i think.


Help would be appreciated.


thx Sven

  • March 08, 2012
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