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Hi guys, I need some advice.
In the company that I´m working right now, I´m convincing them to migrate to SFDC from Zoho. (Smart move!)

I trying to configure something like this:
Create Opportunity --> Add Products: If the customer is a Dealer, automatically show pricing for dealers/If customer has special pricing, go straight to their special pricinig and so on.
Or Is not possible to do it like I want? I hope that I explained myself correctly? 
Product Pricing

Our price: Cost with import and shipping price to Mexico
Dealer price: It has our own formula already in place, special for dealer - If the customer has the type: DEALER, Automatically it will use this price
List price: It has our own formula already in place, List Price - If the customer has the type: End User or Customer, Automatically it will use this price.

What formula or what/how can i do it?

Thanks for any Recommendation or tip that you can give me!

Best Regards
Hello all, 

I hope that you can give me some tips, tricks or recommendations, I´m 2 weeks from merging three orgs from a customer into one.

I think that it´s easy even if they have custom objects, I just can decide if I do it like this:

Option A: Metadata retrieve all the Information (Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Custom Objects, etc..) from each one into a Test Environment and from there merge the accounts and start cleaning the information.
NOTE: I´m just an admin learning my way into Development, NO CODE background, learning as I post about Javascript, Apex, HTML, etc..

Option B: Salesforce Connect - Share the data and clean all the information manually! I think this will take more time but for my level of knowledge is a safe way of doing it.

Option C: The old export/import information to csv and validate the information there and then set it in the global org. 

Any help is great!

I having troube getting past this module. Could someone share their walkthrough with me?  Thanks
Hi Experts,
I am trying to solve this challenge but not able to solve because of salesfore license issue. Salesforce only allows 2 'Salesfoce' license for DE. Is there a way to solve this challenge? Please help.

Create a Profile and Permission Set to properly handle field access
The Marketing Coordinator and Account Manager both require access to view and update Account Records, but only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit certain fields. Specifically, only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit the Rating field. The Marketing Coordinator should not be able to see or edit the Rating field. Create one profile and one permission set with the appropriate field-level security to solve for this use case.The profile must be named 'Basic Account User' and result in an API name of 'Basic_Account_User'. It should use the 'Salesforce' user license type.
The permission set must be named ‘Account Rating’ and result in an API name of 'Account_Rating'.