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private static String buscaFiltroListView(String sIdListView)
	Http http = new Http();
	HttpRequest request = new HttpRequest();
	request.setHeader('Authorization','Bearer '+UserInfo.getSessionId());
	HttpResponse response = http.send(request);
	map<String, Object> mapCC = (map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(response.getBody());
	String sQuery = (String)mapCC.get('query');
	return sQuery.substringAfter('WHERE').substringBefore('ORDER');
Hi everyone!

This code works very well when a internal user trigger it, but when is a partner user, it shows me the follow error:
"System.HttpResponse[Status=Service Unavailable, StatusCode=503]"

And this is my request:
"System.HttpRequest[Endpoint=https://polimold.force.com/services/data/v32.0/sobjects/Cliente_conceito__c/listviews/00B50000007Z27KEAS/describe, Method=GET]"

All start by a list button.

Could you help me?
Hi Expert,

I have a angular page my side and i want to integrate with Salesforce API, means i need to access salesforce contacts in angular. Can any one give me idea. 


Hallo everyone,
 I have 2  custObject 
1. Spesen
2. Spesenabre 
when a User makes a  new record  or records in Spesen , i would like to show  this records in another Object (spesenabre) depend on month and User.
like  User :xx       Month :Feb 
so if a person choose  xxx and feb 
i would like to see trhe records belongs to this user  in Feb 
​any help please ?
Hi All,

I am new to the salesforce and wanted to clarify some basic concept. Please find below code

trigger CreateAccount on Account (before insert){
    for(account a : trigger.new){
         a.industry = 'Transportation';
I just wanted to confirm that once your iteration control come at end of for loop at that time new account(which is in context) is get created with industry type Transportation and get commited. This created record is now read only and if we write update statment outside for loop then it means we are trying to update read only record and it gives an error message.

Is my understanding correct?  

I'm trying to update an account field from the opportunity object, but would like to create a formula field as i'm trying to select certain criteria's.
If Opportunity.Type equals New, then upate the Account Field with the Total Amount from the Opportunity object.
I am new to SOQL. 
I am trying to write a simple query where it basically says "SELECT aDate from TableA where aDate is less than today's date"
The data field for aDate is TEXT(10), and it displays as 2017-02-28.
I googled around, but somehow, it would not retrieve the output as I expected.
I found something like using TODAY, TODAY(), SYSTEM.TODAY() etc.

If I do this this works.
SELECT aDate from TableA where aDate < '2017-02-28'

What is expression that says today's date in the text format?

Thanks in advance.