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My query is if case is genrated from Email then that case should be assigned to logged in user instead of default case owner that is defined in support setting. 

I have some products, I have to provide different discounts for different users and it has to change dynamically based on the product.

Please help me out of this.
Thanks in advance

Can any one explain what is parentid in above query, Is there any relationship with profile. I want to export object permission based on profile.

I have written lightning component to override 'new' action when creating a record. My problem is, that salesforce auto-generates a div element which has a padding that I don't like. How can I change that, or is there any "form-container" that ignores this outer div. I will provide code and pictures for better understanding.

Image of devTools in chrome - this is the div salesforce is auto-generating that has a padding around it.
User-added image

My component code:
<aura:component description="testComponent" implements="lightning:actionOverride" access="global" >
 <p>Test style</p>
Image of the component in action
User-added image
As you can see, there is padding around my lightning component. This is a problem because my other forms' which are generated by Salesforce(standard) are looking different.

This is the standard form, generated by Salesforce, as you can see, the div is in the middle of my form.
User-added image

I think I have to use a specific container or outer element around my customs form so that salesforce knows where to put my lightning component?  Have not found any solutions yet. Modifying the DOM elements generated by Salesforce is a very bad idea so I don't want to do to that.

Thanks in advance
Hi ,

I am new to SFDC and i need to know to show or hide a custom button based on the status field value.
I have created a custom button "Test" on custom object "Offer". When staus is New, the test button should be hidden . How can this be acheived.

  • May 12, 2016
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