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I retrieve a list of opportunity from SOQL,
SELECT OwnerId, StageName, Id FROM Opportunity
it returns 1200  results about, now i want to add for each line contact role number, is it possible to LEFT JOIN the 'OpportunityContactRole' table ?

How do you handle this?

Thank you
I am about to create mobile app for a client salesforce account, after each opportunity created from salesforce back-end i have to push a notification to one user ( with some criteria ). I think build a cron is a good thing but if there is a built-in hook from salesforce it will be great.
Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you.
Hello i have to compare last created date with created date in soql :
SELECT OwnerId, CreatedDate, D_partement__c, Metier__c, Profil__c, Secteur__c, TypeContrat__c, Id, Description, DebuMission__c, Remuneration__c FROM Opportunity WHERE Metier__c NOT IN ('A renseigner') WHERE DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) > DATEVALUE('2014-06-28T22:01:02.000Z') AND IsWon = false ORDER BY CreatedDate LIMIT 2000 OFFSET 0
But it returns a Malformed query, i have to use strtotime or something else to compare ?

Thank you.