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This has been brought a hundred times before, but my problem must be unique.  I cannot see any of my visualforce pages in the Content drop down when I want to create a detail page custom button.  The page I am trying to select contains the standardcontroller of the SObject for which I am trying to create the button.


I can see my scontrols, but why can't I see my pages if they contain the correct standardcontroller?  Note, this is for a simple detail page button, not a list button.


I have Created a Radio Button with options 'YES' & 'NO' .   and created a Multi select picklist field below.

Now my requirement is
1. In Radio button, If YES is selected then picklist values on below has to be enable and give choice to select from the  multi picklist
2. In radio Button, If NO is selected then Picklist values has to be disable. 

Can any one help me to do this functionality. If so it would be helpfull to me.

Suresh Goud

Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I have a vg page that has an actionFunction that calls an apex method from my custom controller. After running, there are a few components that are supposed to reload. However, what's happening is as follows:

1. The page starts to reload.

2. The apex method is called.

3. The components are NOT rerendered.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why that would happen?

Here is the relevant code:

1. ActionFunction tag:

  <apex:actionFunction name="undoEdit" action="{!undoEdit}" rerender="taskInfoDisplay, descInfo,fundraisingInfo, sysInfo,editButtons">
  <apex:param name="fieldToRollBack" value="{!fieldToRollBack}"/>



2. VF code that calls it:


<apex:commandButton image="xxx" onclick="undoEdit('Priority')" rendered="{!editState['Priority']}"/>



3. Apex Method:


public void undoEdit(){
		fieldToRollBack = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('fieldToRollBack');
		System.debug('the field is:' +  fieldToRollBack );
		//first check if this was edited
			System.debug('the field was changed');
				System.debug('this is a task field, rolling back. The current val: ' + myTask.get(fieldToRollBack) + '. The orig val: ' + origTaskVals.get(fieldToRollBack));
				System.debug('after putting, the val is: ' + myTask.get(fieldToRollBack))	;
			editState.put(fieldToRollBack, false);


Thanks in advance for your help!


  • March 28, 2011
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